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Synonym For A Dream by hugomaster5 Synonym For A Dream by hugomaster5

Synonym for a Dream

Synonym for a Dream is just what it is…..something its not, and what it is… a dream. This vast plane of organic shapes harmonized with the warm and cool colors of spring and autumn shed light on more of what this piece really means. Notice the all the patterns and how they simply steal the viewer’s gaze from the face…..while the clouds in the back carry you high above towards the center of light at the tip of the lightest cloud. Only when at the highest point and as the crescendo builds it doesn’t just throw you off to the start, but it says goodbye…..only to meet you again at the top. When I began this piece I had no clue what or how it turn out to be. Choices from what colors to what patterns would best aid bring the most pleasing composition into shape. Its a very welcoming piece that just loves to tickle the imagination and to provoke this sense of serenity. Nothing in the piece is brought on with too much harshness but with just enough roughness to keep you awake long enough leaving you with more questions. I would say more but I’m afraid thats up to you, because there is never just one meaning to it.

"We only live to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting." --Kahlil Gibran

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Classical art!
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